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Steps to finding the right therapist

Updated: May 25

three easy steps and what not to do

Step one

Sifting through the vast options. There are lots of databases that help you narrow down options, for example, if you want to see a male therapist versus a female or if you want to see someone in person, do they accept insurance or a sliding scale; some of these sites include, Psychology Today, Good Therapy, ALMA, Headway, Being Seen, Therapy Den and Open Path Collective just to name a few!

Step two

Schedule a consultation. The purpose of a consultation is for you and the therapist to decide if they can help you. Therapists have certain areas of expertise and populations they work with, if the therapist decides that they can not work with you, they will help you find another therapist or refer you in the right direction.

Step three

Meet with your therapist a few times (at least 3) to decide if it is a good fit. The therapeutic relationship is built over time through feedback. It takes time for you and your therapist to get a feel for each other. If it is not a good fit, that is perfectly ok, you can let your therapist know and they will help you find someone else.

Please do not write a bad review about them on Yelp, we are not restaurants. This happened to me recently and quite frankly it’s not fair. Unlike other businesses, therapists are not allowed to respond publically. Please let your therapist know if you have any concerns. If you have a truly bad experience with a therapist contact the Office of the Professions complaint hotline at 1-800-442-8106

Ultimately, therapists are here to help. And choosing the right therapist comes down to how you feel. You may not like their style or their personality and that is OK. Don’t give up, you may have to meet with a few different therapists before you find the one for you.

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