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How to deal with anger over masks and vaccines

About half the country is pro mask/vaccine and the other half against it. No matter where you go you will encounter someone with the opposite viewpoint as yourself. This often leads to a debate on who is right. Each side digs their heels in deeper and deeper after each opposing argument and you end up further away from agreeing than when you started out. Most people enter into these debates with good intentions, they believe the other person lacks knowledge or is misinformed and they are helping the other side to see the light. Friends fight, families break up and people are left grieving the loss of those they care about.

Now what? Many questions without many answers, we continue to search for a solution. Something I talk about all the time is the idea of shifting your focus from what you can’t control and set boundaries for yourself.

This starts with first identifying your needs, communicating those needs in an effective way and then presenting consequences for if those needs are not respected.

I urge you to be mindful during this communication and be open to compromise, especially if this is a conversation with someone you care about. It is possible, to salvage relationships with those who disagree with you but first we need to shift our focus.

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