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Laughter is the Best Medicine

It is a trying time for all of us across the globe right now. Whether you are concerned about not being able to pay your bills, getting sick, being unable to visit loved ones or any other of the many things on our minds today. Only a few weeks ago we learned of a new virus circulation across the globe, today grocery store shelves are empty and many of us practicing social distancing or quarantined. It is my opinion that everyone will be impacted by this and it is not going away anytime soon. There are lots of things that are not within our control right now but there are some things you can choose to do.

We may not have a vaccine or a cure for this virus but here is one simple thing you can do to boost your immunity. Laughing. I know it feels like today is not a time for laughter, but hear me out. Consider the health benefits of laughing before saturating your day with news reports. Ever hear the saying, laughter is the best medicine? Well it’s true. Here are some reasons to try and find time to laugh today.

Laughter is the best medicine. Seriously though laughing stimulates organs by increasing oxygen intake. It releases endorphins, also known as the feel good chemical, endorphins naturally reduce pain. It is a great coping skill as it improves mood and makes you feel connected to others. Laughter creates a physical release in the body, engaging all your muscles reducing stress. And if you are worried about getting sick, laughter can help boost your immunity as well by increasing antibody-producing cells, improves NK cell activity and increases effectiveness of T cells.

If you don’t believe me give it a try! What makes you laugh? Sharing jokes with friends, watching youtube videos of cats, stand up comedy? Even just remembering times when you laughed in the past. If you are struggling, try forcing a smile, laugh a little bit and see how it feels.

This is just one suggestion to try but understandably this might not work for you. Keep trying different things, work with your therapist to find which coping skills work for you.

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