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3 tips to gain back trust

Although it may seem impossible trust can be gained back once lost it takes times, patience and vulnerability. Here are a few steps to take when working on gaining trust back. 

1) Trust yourself. Are you a trustworthy person? What happened that you broke someone's trust? Is this something consistent in all your relationships or was this a one-time thing? It is important to understand why you broke someone's trust before you can begin to work on gaining it back.

2) Be trustworthy. There are lots of ways in which someone is trustworthy. Start with keeping your word, do what you say you will do. Be honest. Be consistent. Be reliable.

3) Be transparent. Yes you deserve your privacy and noit is not normal in every relationship but your situation is different you broke trust. In order to gain trust back, you may need to temporarily give up some of your privacy in order to be completely transparent. 

Be patient and listen to the other person, if they are wanting to trust you again, follow their lead. They will need to understand why the trust was broken in order to feel secure enough to give you that trust again. You will both need to practice vulnerability during this process. Don’t give up, broken trust can be healed.

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