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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

What happens when the thoughts about your past or future cause suffering in your life? What if these feelings are happening right now?

Do you feel like you are stuck and can not move forward? Does the future seem impossible and the past an unbearable thought?

One thing you can try is the practice of acceptance. What exactly is total, complete 100% acceptance?

In order to accept your life, you need to accept reality as it is. Think about this; reality is what it is, even if you hate it. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t know why. Everything is exactly as it should be, like it or not (this doesn’t mean you deserve it).

When we are in these situations we start to have thoughts such as “why me?” Or “What did I do to deserve this?” These are very difficult and challenging thoughts to deal with.

But what if you had the ability to focus your mind on acceptance?

Accepting what is and continue to do this over and over again. Sometimes accepting reality is our only choice even if it is uncomfortable. It is helpful to remind yourself, that this is the current situation and let go of trying to control or change it, instead accept it.

Be willing to accept what you see, it is the truth. This does not mean you approve or deserve this but sometimes acceptance is our best solution.

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